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Little Grasshopper,

The page you seek may be in Texas,
so a link will be provided to a nexes...

We shall try our best to lend assist,
but if we fail then countless more links do exist....

Now Get Out of My Face

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Am I still the gorgeous one of all?

Mirror mirror on the...

Come closer...
I've got something to say to you.

Don't you come here ever again,
Asking me to lie.
Is that understood?
I am not here anymore,
To fill your head with delusions.
Is that clear? '


'Is it or is it NOT clear? '

It's clear, it's clear, it's clear.

'Now get out of my face.
You make me sick! '

Lawrence S. Pertillar is not responsible
for anything you may find for which we do not link to.

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